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Talent Acquisition Guide

If you're looking to acquire the right talent, faster this guide comes complete with samples, tips, and strategies, prepared for you by our experts!

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In this free e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How to take a job brief

  • How to write a job ad

  • When to place your job ad

  • Maximizing LinkedIn Recruiter seat

  • How to maximize partnerships with external agencies

  • Tips on working with external recruiters

  • Closing candidates from the very first conversation  

  • Basic sales tips for closing candidates

  • Sample questions to ask candidates during negotiation

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More about this e-book

What Will You Learn in This Workbook?

Despite the name, taking a job brief should not be a brief affair! Taking a job brief is fundamental part of the recruitment process.

Many hurdles that arise towards the end of the recruitment process can be avoided by having the right information from the start.

Understanding who the candidate really is, is a key info. If you ask the right questions that get you the right answers, you will set yourself up for success. How to take an effective job briefing is one of the trickiest skills for a recruiter to master and is, more often than not, done incorrectly. 

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