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Guide To Reference Checks

Reference checks have been used formally and informally for years but my recent experience of being a referee and my past experience reviewing recruitment processes has highlighted one worrying trend.

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In this free e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Make the candidate WANT to have their references checked

  • Pick the right referees for the situation

  • Plan ahead and ask the right questions

  • Apply what you have learnt

  • Make sure EVERYONE knows how grateful you are

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What Will You Learn in This Workbook?

Early in the recruitment process let the candidate know that you will be doing reference checks on all candidates BUT also let them know that it is for their benefit as well as yours! Sometimes bad hiring decisions are made, the candidate is good, honest, hardworking...they just don't fit the culture or role.

This is bad for the company but it is also bad for the candidate / they need to find a new job! The reference check helps the candidate avoid accepting a role / company that does not suit them. In a normal hiring process you have many interviewers and people assessing if the candidate suits the role but the candidate is the only person assessing if the role is right for them. Their are many factors a candidate needs to consider when joining a new company.

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