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Building High Performing Teams

Understanding collective intelligence: from the individual to the group performance

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Building high performing teams
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In this free e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Letting your employees create your culture

  • Building a REAL employer brand that attracts the right people

  • Job descriptions that actually work

  • Getting the whole team involved in hiring

  • Bulletproofing your new employee team onboarding

  • Signs that your team is suffering from burnout

  • Creating collective intelligence

  • Stages of team development

  • Generating high performance team

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What Will You Learn in This Workbook?

You'll understand how to build a real employer brand and how job ads actually work. It's also important to maximize transparency.

You'll question yourself if you really need to make a hire, and what are the team’s role in the interview process, as well as the pro and cons of panel interviews, and get a team fit “Interview Kit".

You'll understand collective intelligence - from the individual to the group performance, how can you build a high performing team, the different stages to develop a team, and see how can you contribute: as an organizational leader, team leader, and team member 

The value of onboarding for a company when it is done right. You'll see how bullet proofing your employee onboarding can enhance the process, and how you can easily make quick and easy changes that will have a big impact.

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David Z Wang
Co-founder & CEO at Helicap

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